Adult Education


The Cree School Board’s Sabtuan Adult Education Services in Eastmain worked hard throughout 2016-2017 to accommodate the needs and goals of all students that walked through their doors. 

Students were enrolled in the following courses through Eastmain’s General Education Program:

  • First Cycle Secondary
  • Post-Secondary Studies Preparation
  • Second Cycle Secondary
  • Pedagogical Support

Key initiatives included:

  • Improving communication: Every student was given the teacher’s cell phone number, allowing them to ask class-related questions outside of regular course hours.
  • Sharing knowledge: Eastmain instituted a successful math tutoring program that gave lower-level students an opportunity to be taught and mentored by graduates of programs offered through Sabtuan Adult Education Services.
  • Working with employers and community stakeholders: We collaborated with the Wellness Centre to allow an employee paid hours off work to attend classes. Making sure students can achieve educational goals while still supporting their families is a priority for the Cree School Board.
  • Promoting SAES: The Eastmain community was once again invited to graduation ceremonies. This is a great opportunity to honour graduates as well as to promote Sabtuan Adult Education Services to potential students.

21 male | 19 female

in General Education