Youth Sector Data


Rainbow Elementary School & Willie J. Happyjack Memorial School

ᐧᐋᐧᓵᓂᐲ - ᐲᓯᒧᔮᐲ ᓃᐦᑖᐦᒡ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᒉᐅᑲᒥᒄ ᑲᔦᐦ ᐧᐃᓖ ᒉᐃ ᐦᐋᐲᒑᒃ ᒋᔅᒌᑎᑖᒉᐧᐃᓐ ᒋᔅᑯᑕᒫᒉᐅᑲᒥᒄ

Year highlights

  • Waswanipi educators focused on literacy in 2016-2017, with programs such as Empower™ Reading (page 21), the Reading Rocker Strategy and Elephant Thoughts supporting academic success during the year.
  • Several initiatives were put in place to address attendance issues including a group emulation system, reviewing data, and increasing the number of periods spent in physical education.
  • Physical activity also helped reduce incidents at the school dramatically, as students were given access to organized activities during recess.
  • Families and the community played an important role in student success this year as 72% of parents attended report card nights and a breakfast program was provided in partnership with Brighter Futures.

291 male | 243 female
41 special needs

67 pre-k | 281 elementary
186 secondary

Report Card